Sib·yl·line (also si·byl·ic or si·byl·lic)


1. Prophetic; oracular resembling or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy; foretelling events
2. Having a secret or hidden meaning


A intelligence consulting and strategic risk analysis firm

Despite – or perhaps because of – the massive increase in information availability, uncertainty is pervasive; moreover, threats are multiplying and the moral and practical costs of poor decision-making are growing ever higher. Given all this, the need for intelligence has never been higher.

This is the underlying philosophy of Sibylline, founded in 2010 to focus on the delivery of intelligence-led solutions to businesses, governments, NGOs and high net worth individuals worldwide. This includes consulting on people, process, and technology; sourcing and providing a range of highly-regarded analytical products; and addressing the human factor through offering training and recruiting services. Put simply, we exist to help clients make better, more informed operational decisions.

Our core team has experience in both the public and private sectors, where they have confronted a wide range of challenging problems and gained valuable insight into how clients can use intelligence to benefit their operations. We also have direct experience of a variety of industries. Since our inception we have worked with hundreds of clients and partners on every continent to deliver improved environmental understanding and support to decision-making, and we are rightly proud of what we do.

We take the view that each client’s needs are unique and do not believe in one-size-fits-all approaches. As professional analysts we also think that intelligence depends art as well as science, meaning that any client – no matter how sophisticated – can improve how they manage and process information in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness. After all the environment an organisation works in continually evolves, and so we must all evolve with it – or else grow stale.