Information becomes actionable intelligence through analysis, so the quality of this process is imperative. Our analytical product draws on a wide range of sources and is designed to be clear and informative – always predictive and answering the critical “so what” question as it applies to you, the client. We are particular experts in the emerging field of developing risk awareness from social media, which is rapidly superseding more traditional forms of gathering critical information, and which is proving vital in fast-moving situations.

Although we believe that nothing beats products tailored to a clients’ own particular requirements, more general analysis of issues across a region, industry or sector nonetheless has a vital role to play (and offers high cost-efficiencies). To this end we produce a wide range of reporting for clients, including the following:

  • The CSARN Security Risk Monitor, a bi-weekly publication covering the main threats to the UK and Irish business communities from terrorism, political unrest, disruptive events and strategic cyber issues
  • The Retail Industry Security Center (RISC) partnership service, which tracks and reports on serious organised retail crime, violent protests and disruptive threats to the US and UK retail sector
  • Detailed special reporting on major events, for example the anti-NATO/G8 riots in Chicago, the Olympics in London and the Commonwealth Games in Delhi
  • Travel security products, including hotel security audits, travel risk assessments, pre-deployment briefings and dedicated support to the aviation and maritime sectors
  • Ongoing or one-off due diligence assessments and investigations
  • Country risk modelling, briefings and assessments
  • Strategic forecasting, multiple futures and flashpoint modelling
  • One of our most highly-regarded services is the ongoing monitoring and management of a range of intelligence requirements on behalf of clients. This offers the function and many advantages of an in-house intelligence cell, at a fraction of the cost. Where required we can even supply analysts on an embedded basis, whereby they can be fully integrated with your own team. This offers a cost-efficient way of integrating specialist analytical capability into your operations, overcoming one of the most significant barriers to entry and providing dedicated, confidential support without the hassle and overhead of employment.

Our case studies page explains more about some of these products, or you can download further information as follows:

  • An overview of the RISC Service
  • An overview of the CSARN Security Risk Monitor
  • A sample report on a specific emerging issue, produced for wider client awareness
  • A sample Special Report on the Olympics

Please contact us if you would like to find our more about any of these services.