A private intelligence and risk analysis company subsists almost entirely upon its reputation. Unlike a state organisation, which can rely on a more or less steady budget, remaining in business is a function of providing a consistently useful service. To that end we think it is important that you don’t just take our word for the quality of what we do, but listen to what some of our existing clients (including some of the world’s leading companies, government organisations, NGOs and high net worth individuals) have to say:


Speachmarks “The Monitor is one of the very few trusted communications that gives you a broad, independent and professional intelligence that is vital to every organisation.”

Head of Security, International Services Firm

Speachmarks “The Monitor is an extremely useful reference especially for those operating in security and contingency planning. It consistently focuses upon the correct issues, is current and well informed.”

Group Head of Security, Multinational Transport Company

Speachmarks “Critical to the infrastructure of my business.”

Group Head of Resilience, US Real Estate Investment Trust

Speachmarks “I appreciate the effort your team gives to keep those of us in retail informed!”

Group Head of Asset Protection, International Retailer

Speachmarks “A fantastic and highly credible source of information that allows my company to advise organisations about the threat to their security and likely impact.”

Director, International Consulting Firm