Sibylline’s leading technological product is the MERCURY system. Designed and built specifically to meet the needs of security intelligence professionals, MERCURY allows for the automated ethical collection of open-source data from the web and social media, offering significant advantages in situational awareness, time and resources.

Collection and research is a key component of generating intelligence material, and the ever-increasing volume of information available  due to the social media revolution has dramatically increased the challenge to security intelligence teams. While many social media monitoring solutions exist, few are suitable for security practitioners, who are often looking for particularly focused elements of information. For example whereas a marketing team may just be interested in a brand, a security user will almost certainly want to see what is being said in and around premises or event venues. This is also a key element in response to an incident, e.g. after an active shooter or other workplace violence event.

MERCURY is tailored to each client and is driven by their own individual intelligence requirements. There is no limit on the number of users, volume of data or number of search terms. These can also all be changed at any time to suit ever-shifting requirements. MERCURY’s geo-location and alerting features are particularly appreciated by users at hundreds of client sites worldwide. The system is largely platform independent, although it is normally delivered on a USB key for use in control rooms. Laptop and mobile installations are also available.

Some example use cases are as follows:

Multi-site businesses: use MERCURY to monitor brand, assess local sentiment and maintain situational awareness both centrally and at each site
Police and security services: monitor threats, assess information flows around key events and handle flexible operational requirements
Employers: monitor for workplace sentiment and emerging issues with staff, including workplace violence
Executive protection: monitor for gossip, threats, undue attention and loose talk
Smaller businesses: conduct cost-effective brand monitoring
Travel security: monitor flashpoints and scan early for trigger events
Security firms: use MERCURY to monitor threats and events near client sites
Intelligence teams: automate open-source collection and monitor for triggers, indicators and warnings based on your own changing needs

Please note that MERCURY can also be combined with any or all of our analytical products.

For more information or a free short-duration trial of the MERCURY system, please contact us or you can also download the MERCURY flyer.