Our services are designed under the headings of Consulting; Analysis; and Training/Recruitment. Since we are a full-service firm, these are designed naturally to follow the project life-cycle of clients who are developing an in-house intelligence capability. This also means that we are able to offer clients a range of services to support them with nearly any problem or issue that they may be facing. As of 2013, we have also added a technological capability, which centers on our MERCURY open source research system.

These functions are described in more detail on the other pages from the drop-down menu above. For easy reference, however, our most popular product offerings include the following:

Consulting: Needs Analysis – The “Intelligence Audit”

Our consulting services are built around ensuring an organisation’s intelligence function is up to the task. The first step is a needs analysis, since it is the derivation of intelligence requirements that provides fuel to the whole process. We then conduct a full survey of what may already be in place, considering people, processes, technology and infrastructure, in order to ensure that it is optimised and incorporates the best possible practices (including compliance with relevant legal and ethical standards). This can include financial modelling and developing value-for-money arguments. We call this whole process the “Intelligence Audit”. For more details, or a quote, please contact us.

Analysis: The Retail Industry Security Center (RISC) Partnership

RISC is a retail industry partnership set up to facilitate the sharing of information on serious organised retail crime and other disruptive threats. We developed RISC in response to the specific needs of retailers. Partners in RISC receive Daily Intelligence Updates from our dedicated analytical teams, supplemented by an Alerting Service and a range of Special Reports on key topics of interest. Partners can also upload and share information via the RISC website. The initiative currently focuses mainly on the United States, but will soon launch in the UK and other territories.

Analysis: The CSARN Security Risk Monitor

The Monitor is an initiative developed by Sibylline on behalf of the City Security and Resilience Network, CSARN. CSARN members identified a requirement for forward-looking intelligence around major threats to business continuity. The Monitor therefore covers security around major events, terrorism and political violence, civil unrest, strategic cyber security, and disruptive protests. The Monitor is issued 24 times per year although editions are supplemented by additional analytical support when incidents occur, or during major events. For example during the Olympics and the 2011 London Riots we produced a daily intelligence update, giving clients context and valuable insight into key security themes. You can download a copy and subscribe to the Monitor here.

Analysis: The AUSPICE Tailored Threat Monitoring Service

AUSPICE is a service for clients under which we take on the management of standing intelligence tasks. In essence, intelligence requirements are mutually agreed with the client and our team work on an outsourced basis to conduct activity under all parts of the intelligence cycle. Requirements may change at any time – there is no lock-in, rather the concept is a framework agreement, to produce exactly what is needed and relevant. This gives a highly efficient on-demand capability, integrated precisely with clients’ needs, at a significantly lower resource cost (time, people and money) than developing in-house capabilities. For more details, or a quote, please contact us.

Training: Developing Intelligence in the Corporate Security Environment (DICSE)

DICSE is our highly-regarded, unique and successful flagship training course for those involved in corporate intelligence at any level. It has been attended by candidates from law enforcement, private firms, risk analysis companies, NGOs and government agencies. DICSE runs as a regular scheduled course and has also been delivered on-site in a variety of international client locations. Delivered b y leading experts, the five-day interactive package is designed to build a comprehensive package suitable for managers and decision-makers as well as analysts, researchers and collators. From late 2012, modules will also be available for on-line learning, in response to popular demand. Courses are listed on our Events page.